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📝 Changelog

W32 | Beta Release 1 | Starlight#

Far away
This ship is taking me far away

This is the first beta release of LightOn Muse API 🎉. We will be following up with regular updates, adding new features and fine-tuning existing ones. Feel free to directly address us any feedback you may have.

We are excited to see what you will build with the LightOn Muse API!

💥 Breaking changes#

  • The API has been completely revamped, all requests in the old format will fail (but API keys are unchanged).

🆕 New features#

  • Updated the base orion-fr model, which is now more capable and powerful;
  • Extended support for controllable generation with the Create endpoint, through word_biases, frequency_penalty, presence_penalty, stop_words, and more;
  • Added Understand endpoints to help make sense of text: Represent to compute rich contextual embeddings, Analyse to access the likelihood of words in a sentence, or directly use Compare and Select to process multiple sentences.

✨ Fixes & improvements#

  • The API should now return more explicit error & warnings for invalid requests (WIP).

🎯 Next up...#

  • Python bindings for the API & demo notebooks (W33-34);
  • Behind-the-scene improvements to batching, enabling lower latency and higher throughput (W33-34);
  • More structured metadata and warnings (W33-34);
  • auriga-fr & auriga-es alpha release (W34-35).