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🀹 Skills

Skills enable you to specialize models in the Muse API to perform specific tasks, or to introduce them to specialized domains.

Our models have been pre-trained on general data, and are good at tackling a wide variety of tasks. Skills are an efficient way to make the models better at generating and understanding text for a specific application, style, or format.

Using skills#

The skill to use for an API call can be specified using the skill parameters. Available skills are described below; Some skills may be only available for certain models and endpoints.

πŸ’ΈοΈ Pricing

Skills are currently billed like normal API calls, taking into account processed & generated tokens. This is not final, and pricing may evolve in the future.

Available skills#

summarisationGenerates a summary of the provided prompt.orion-fr✍️ Create

Building your own skills#

Coming soon.